Personal Loan Offers


Here is a look at some personal loan offers.personal loans

Lending Club

With the Lending Club you are able to get a loan amount of $10 000. The APR estimate is between 7.75% – 8.99%. The estimated repayment that you will have to make is $312.

With this loan you are able to pay down your credit card or pay them off. You have the chance to make one low monthly payment that is fixed. You are able to build credit whilst you pay down your debt and the process is easy online.

Light Stream

With Light Stream you can get a loan of $10 000 and the APR estimate is as low as 5.99%. The estimated repayment that you will have to make is $304.

The debt consolidation rates are from 5.99% to 10.29%. There are no fees or prepayment penalties. They accept joint applications and you can get a loan between $5000 and $100 000.


Prosper offers loan amounts of $10 000 with an APR estimate of 6.76% – 7.74%. The estimated repayment is $308.

The rates start at 5.99%. You will have access to the loan in just 5 minutes and you can get up to $35 000 in as little as 5 days.

Freedom Plus

The loan amount is $10 000 and the estimated APR is 15.56% – 21.05%. Your estimated repayment is between $349.40 – $377.01.

With Freedom Plus you will receive competitive rates and are able to get loans up to $35 000. The approval takes 24 hours and you have access to the money in 48 hours. There are no prepayment penalties, no collateral needed and no hidden fees.